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Medieval Castle May 14, 2013

Posted by theidealschool in Homeschool.

Preston has been working on a castle project. Here is the progress.


1. Holistic Wayfarer - May 14, 2013

Neat. How old is he? What are the white pillars? How did you corrugate the upper part of the “wall”?

A homeschool series of mine parents have taken to, in case you’re interested:


theidealschool - May 15, 2013

He’s 8. The white pillars are recycled plastic bottles with the mouths cut off. We actually put full tin food cans inside each pillar to give the castle more stability.

Preston used a ruler to mark the top edge. Papa then used a utility knife to cut out the cardboard chunks.

Holistic Wayfarer - May 15, 2013

How long did it take him to get to the picture stage, working how long each time/day? Great job, at 8. What kind of box was the orig cardboard? Thank you ~ keep up the great work! =)

theidealschool - May 15, 2013

We work on it maybe 2-3 hours per week. This represents about 5 weeks of work. Now, we’re working on the interior portions inside the courtyard. After we’re done, we’re going to paint it all gray.

Holistic Wayfarer - May 15, 2013

Did you use a particular book for a model of the interior?

theidealschool - May 15, 2013

We had a book from the library that had all kinds of castles in it. We just used bits and pieces we liked from several of them. When we’re done building it, he’s going to use with his Playmobil people. He’s gotten really excited about finishing it so he can start playing with it more.

2. Medieval Castle Update | The IDEAL School Blog - May 28, 2013

[…] have continued our work on the medieval castle. Here are some photo updates including a picture of the 8-year-old […]

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