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Winter Language Camps 2008-2009 October 23, 2008

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The IDEAL School is proud to announce special Winter Language Camps for children (3 and over), adults, and families.

What: A language camp gives students a chance to learn a lot of English in a short amount of time. You know about summer camp, right? You have a lot of fun learning something new in a beautiful place during the summer months. The winter language camp is the same idea—only you do it in the winter and the thing that you learn is English. You will go on excursions around the Portland, Oregon area. If there is enough snow, we will play in the snow and possibly go Mt. Hood for skiing/snowboarding.

Where: You will stay at The IDEAL School with your teachers. You will live with other students who are trying to learn English, too. And your teachers live in the same building, so you can always ask a question or get help with any problems you might have. The teachers’ 3 children also live there (ages 4, 5, and 8). The school building used to be used as a retreat center, so it is very comfortable and beautiful. It has a gorgeous view also.

How will you learn: You learn by doing. Yes, there is time spent in the classroom. We will help you develop your listening and speaking skills (and grammar, reading, writing) through class activities. However, you don’t only sit in the classroom and study. You play games, listen to music, watch movies, play sports, help cook and/or clean, etc. The learning is very fast-paced and interesting. The time flies by, as we say in English. Besides the class time there are activities every evening—movies, holiday candy making, book club, etc.

When: During international students’ winter vacation in December-February. Some students’ vacation starts just before Christmas and ends in the end of January. Others’ begins the beginning of December and ends the first week of January. Contact The IDEAL School to see if there is room during your break time.

How much: Everyone wants to know how much it will cost. The answer is it depends. If you come with a group, it is less expensive. If you come by yourself, you will need to pay a little more. Contact The IDEAL School for more information.

How to contact The IDEAL School:    Phone: 360.837.2124    
    Email: http://the-ideal-school.org/contact     Web: http://the-ideal-school.org